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In today's society it is important to protect yourself from outside intruders, unwanted surveillance, and from those who would attempt to take from you what you have worked hard for. In a time where the government and politicians are making it harder and harder to make a living you must take it upon yourself to protect your assets. A home or office surveillance system will help do just that. Security starts, and these days ends, with your own actions. Airtight Security Plus can help you decide what equipment you need to best accomplish that. Depending on your individual needs you may want to install a hidden, wireless or hardwired video camera surveillance package. Security sometimes goes beyond the protection of hidden cameras and into the realm of counter surveillance. At Airtight we offer a wide range of surveillance detection devices for hidden cameras, wireless or hardwired, and also wireless audio bugs. There is nothing more important than the security that comes from being prepared for every problem. Check back regularly for the newest upgrades in security equipment. Airtight carries a full line of portable equipment that can be easily carried, and concealed, when you are away from home or on the move. We have a full line of body worn cameras and detection devices. We have standalone surveillance systems, you can video tape, record, and transmit live over the web to your smart phone. Stay up to day and protect your family and assets.
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Deciding what you need in the way of security, is important, in order to protect yourself in the right areas of your life. A good place to start it to decide where you are most vulnerable, for example if you have small children at home you may decide your first priority should be a Nanny Camera System. Now you need to decide what kind of nanny cameras would fit best into your home setting. A camera in a child's toy like a stuffed bear might be right. Or in a cube clock radio, they used to be called the "The Dream Machine" because they go well in a nursery, set to a soft music station to lure the baby to sleep. You may want to go with a Nanny Camera that is a little more like a camera hidden in an AC Adapter with a DVR built in, or a computer speaker camera. If you want to be able to watch the nanny camera while at work or otherwise away from home you may want a DVR connected to the internet, password protected so you can watch the video from any computer in the world, or even on your smart phone.

No children but maybe a thriving business, then you may want to protect yourself from employee theft, or from corporate espionage. If so, you would then be looking into our Business Security Cameras to protect what is vulnerable. Protect yourself against shoplifting, fraudulent lawsuits, employee theft, etc., the list goes on. For businesses we have an array of cameras. We have infrared cameras to watch your business when the lights are out, or deterrent cameras, straight forward intimidating security cameras do a lot to deter crime. With a miniature camera, you can hide it anywhere you want, maybe to watch the cash register? Or with a proven office hidden camera, they come in things like, exit signs, smoke detectors, fire suppressant nozzles, or in a desk lamp or a clock radio.

There are many cameras today that are smaller around than a penny, and can be easily hidden, and they are plug and play for an easy setup.

Perhaps surveillance cameras are not what you need. Perhaps counter surveillance is more of a concern. Is someone watching you? Well then you want to look at the Counter Surveillance Equipment. Find out if there are any hidden bugs in your space, with our RF Detectors and our Camera Hunters you find wireless cameras and hard wired cameras that may be filming you. Find out if someone has been sleeping in Mama or Papa Bear's bed with the Detection Kit, found on our Spy Supplies page, to check the bed sheets.

Now you may be someone who is on the go when they need surveillance or security cameras. If so then you may want to look into our Body Worn Cameras so that you can film while walking down the street, or in a meeting, or anywhere at all. If you walk down the street with a remote car key in your hand no one will suspect that it is really a surveillance. No one will guess that there is a surveillance camera hidden in your ball cap or sun glasses... would you? Both the car key remote and the sun glasses cameras come with built in DVR's for a truly stand alone surveillance system.

Find what you need, and remember you can always reach one of our Security Specialist at 1-240-671-4342 to discuss your needs and solutions.

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Security and surveillance equipment is available to everyone from mom and dad to the largest corporate CEO. Anyone can purchase the latest state of the art equipment at a fraction of what it used to cost. You can protect your loved ones, your assets, your business and yourself with the latest security equipment. Now you can have the same equipment that the pros have, the same equipment you see on TV. Whether you are looking for wireless technology, or old school hidden hardwired cameras the choices are endless. Put together your own system or get a complete turn key surveillance system ready to go.

Are you worried that someone else is already watching you or your loved ones, is someone trying to steel your business secrets? Have you been the victim of voyeurism? Well the technology to put a stop to it is available now. The latest in counter surveillance equipment is just a click away. State of the art RF detectors will find any wireless cameras and other devices hidden from view. The Camera Hunter is easy to use and will find any hard wired or wireless cameras. With a wireless video scanner you can see if any wireless cameras are transmitting in your area, and see what the camera see. Scan all the wireless frequencies in less than 5 seconds, see what's being filmed and record it on DVR built into the scanner.

What are your kids up to? Can you afford to be in the dark? With all the predators lurking about the internet preying on your children, exploiting their innocents, you can't afford to just 'sit on the fence' anymore. You can now check cell phones for deleted text messages, monitor the kids computer, even check your sheets for semen. All of these items are available in our Spy Supplies section, all the latest spy gear.

So what ever you are looking for, what ever you need to keep your self, your business and you family safe, it is finally available to you at the lowest prices anywhere.

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